ida (xxoldscratchxx) wrote,

this is so bad it's almost good. this is so bad its gone past good and back to bad again.

i was ill most of this week, had my appraisal friday and then went to the doctor afterwards to find out if i had hypoglycemea. he basically just weighed me, took my blood pressure and said i was underweight and therefore it was pretty avoidable if i just ate more! i did manage to convince him to give me a blood test (despite how much i hate hate hate them) so i have to go do that monday. and give them a pee sample. fun times.

sunday i met up with jess & we went a shopping, bought so much stuff - shoes, trouses, 2 dresses, shampoo, conditioner, nailvarnish, lip gloss, wax strips, an apron, 2 bags and a card/bag for my mums birthday. oh dear. was super fun despite my spending & after shopping for ages we sat in a park and took photos for about an hour! then i cycled home.

i'm just trying to create a list of stuff that we're gonna need to sort out for the house so i'm gonna keep adding to this.

stuff for house that needs to be shared buying/spending:
- gas/water/electricity
- toilet paper
- cutlery
- plates/bowls/glasses
- washing up liquid
- cleaning things
- tea towels
- sponges/wipes
- clothing washing stuff
- hoover?
- bin
- bin bags
- chopping boards
- can opener
- floor mats
- bread bin
- salt & pepper shakers
- sugar pot
- toilet brush

i know, it's the best thing ever!

it looks like i'm taking my pulse?!

haha this is so funny

bunny hands!

oh & em drew this of tom, her & me & it's cuute!

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