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it's not tv, it's reality

this week was really good, i had a lot of fun and saw people (for a change!) i can't really be bothered to write it all out so here's a brief summary of what i did & many photos to make up for it!

saturday - soph gave me a lift to work, she brought her dogs & the baby was there, despite being a saturday it was alright & well i get more money. i was too tired to go out to the pub later though & just went to bed!

sunday - i met up with caitlin which was super! she is so tanned! tom joined us for a bit and we had some drinks at camikazis or whatever its called, then headed for caitlins & tom went home. we had some salad and then looked all her photos. then rosie came over and i watched the photos for the second time. we were all knackered so rosie gave me a lift home at about 10.

monday - work, i don't remember what happened.

tuesday - after work i went home for abit and then walked to chlo's at around 7:30 and we talked for ages, which was nice! jackie (who is so nice & friendly & i've only met her once before!) got there, we ordered a taxi, realised jackie has a car, cancelled it and then drove to jess'. we got there pretty late & it was really weird, but nice, seeing all these people i haven't seen for ages! i spent a lot of time being well anti-social and talking to small groups of people and i spent lots of time with pete which was cool as i haven't seen him for an age (we should hang out more!), consolling jess in her many troubles over shane and then mike, talking to socks and max, and flora and alex were there which was nice. much drama that night, but i'd be worried if there was no drama at a jess party ha! then that mike cunt attached himself to chloe/me/lucia/pete and managed to irritate everyone. he is even more of a pretentious wanker now i know him! me and max eventually had to kick out & he literally wouldn't leave for 15 mins or so, ridiculous. he eventually drove off in his drunken state. oh well. haircut gave me a lift home around 3 with ryd, and drove like crazy. i mean i literally thought we were going to crash and die the whole trip back. it's not fun being on the motorway and neither of them are watching the road but changing the music whilst we got closer & closer to a truck so i started shouting and haircut was like 'oops!' and i'm like you fucking kill me and i'll come back and haunt you! christ, never getting a lift with him again.

wednesday - woke up totally dead, barely made it through the day and then passed out at about 10pm.

thursday - was good! i got an easter egg at work (someone saved me a green&blacks one yay!) and then we went out for a pub lunch that the company has to pay for (haha!) i had a nice salad with couscous and roast vegetables. then sadly had to go back and do some work, but sophie was pretty wasted so that was fun.

& here's me looking abit stupid !

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