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that girls an indie cindy, lego haricut & polka dot dress

em came back this saturday which was really nice, i totally miss her so much. when we get together we just have so much fun & can just talk and talk about everything for ages & act like fools!
she's coming back in a few weeks for easter as well so yay. anyway we went shopping and i managed to spend about 50 quid on some tights, panties, lush shower gel and em finally found URBAN DECAY make-up so i spent like 25 on mascara and eyeliner. wow, i'm such a girl.
anyway we wandered around lots which was nice as it was sunny & there was an anti-blair protest going on which is always good. media tom from long road was there and so was another long road teacher, so that was cool. we were at the market jewelery stall and i said what's the cheapest thing (about some plugs) and the guy working there goes 'me' haha. we then got hungry and went to eat to buy some overly-expenive food - i bought a pot of salad for like £3! - then we took the food and walked over to cafe nero. we bumped into gema, sarah and cat on the way which was a very odd situation. i have no idea what those guys are doing together, it's just so freaking weird.
we all went into cafe nero and we ate our food and they stayed for a while. after they left me & em discussed the house which was cool, they're gonna draw straws and i guess i'll get the leftover one. chick's got the 2 small rooms on the bottom floor so i'll either be on the 2nd or 3rd. em said we should be on the same floor as well which i think is a good idea, in case things go wrong with her and tom then that would make it more awkward.
then jess joined us and we took some photos, talked some more and then decided to head outside. we spent ages in boots trying out make-up and stealing cotton wool. then we went to sainsburys and we got some potatoes and yum butternut squash things! we walked over to em's, cooked the food, em got ready and then we walked to rachael's, picked her up and we headed for the castle. tom eventually got there after some confusion and we all sat down and had a nice chat. broox left soon after that as she has to finish up her art portfolio!
then we walked more into town and went to the bath house, craig popped up and we talked a bit. then this creepy guy went to me 'you're sweet' and i was like aha okay run away!! we went to the other side, i saw gav who i haven't seen since reading which was cool and then me and tom left. i said my byes to em and jazz then we walked out. had a really good long talk about working, how that's all we have to talk about and how knackering it is - he's my only other friend who works full time so it's nice knowing i'm not the only one not going out and being a social retard! we then had to wait half an hour for my bus and chatted about everything which was cool. he's going to manchester next year which i'm happy about as it's only like 30mins from leeds and i have somewhere to stay ha!
i got the bus, came home and watched crazy, beautiful then went to sleep.

today i have been cleaning! soon i will be doing some baking! and tomorrow is broox birthday meal, i didn't find anything good enough yesterday so it's gonna have to be a belated gift!


i saw this on a lamp post in the park i live next to!


when i first saw em i started laughing, due to our hair being IDENTICAL and not intentionally! it's gonna be funny when we live together ha.

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