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havent updated much lately, can't really be bothered i guess.

last sunday was fun, i walked to caitlins & it was actually so hot. all these chavs started shouting at me. lovely. i eventually got there and hung out with cailtin for a while. gema and tom came a bit later and then rachael just got there for the food. i brought some yummy falafels and we had a really good salad! caitlin is queen of salads!after the BBQ we went inside and just chatted for a while which was nice. then me and tom walked home which was good as i haven't had a chance to talk to him in ages.

this week at work was pretty awful except spending 2 lunches with caitlin in the sun which was good. friday was horrible - sophie, faye, kerrie and graeme weren't there so i was the only person answering all the calls. argh. i went home and slept cus i had such a bad headache.

saturday i had a nice lie-in, then cycled to beccas and we spent ages on the internet trying to find things and places to go to! we then decided to play tennis, couldnt find any tennis balls so played badminton for an hour & a half! it was really fun & probably the most exercisei've done since school ha ha.
we then watched little miss sunshine which was sweet & kinda sad but pretty much the kind of movie i felt like watching. i cycled home at about 8pm and made some nice food & walked phoebe. then watched some rubbish tv with my mum.

today i'm just being lazy. i may paint something as i haven't in months. bad, bad me.
i also need to clean up & call caitlin & see how she's doing.
also need to plan my life out and write lists for things i need to purchase. yay!

yes this is APRIL and this is ENGLAND!

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